So, you’re a transvestite?

I hear this a lot. It’s always from folks who really don’t know any better, because this isn’t their world. So, I offer this as a help to those trying to learn a bit about us, so there won’t be any misunderstandings.

First, a little notation – these are very generalized definitions. Everybody mixes things a bit to their own likings, and very rarely would you find a person who fits into only one category. Undoubtedly there would be those who would look at this and say, “Nonono, you’re all wrong!” But having been in this lifestyle for over 15 years as a LG (Little Girl) and much longer as an AB (Adult Baby) prior to that, I know the general use of the tags.

AB:  Adult Baby. This is one who enjoys being taken care of as though zhe is a baby. This includes diapers, baby bottles, cribs … the works, basically.

DL: Diaper Lover. This is one who likes diapers. Could be for sexual reasons, could be for non-sexual … but they just like the diapers. None of the other regression paraphernalia or actions.

Little: This includes Little Boys and Little Girls. It generally has the (spiritual) age group of 3-12. It usually focuses heavily on the clothing, but it goes well beyond that as well. ANY sexed person can be a Little Boy and ANY sexed person can be a Little Girl – it does not have to relate to one’s physical body.

Middle: This is an emerging group that feels older than a Little, yet younger than an adult. Ages are maybe 10-19? As I said, it is an emerging group that does not have strongly defined borders yet.

Transvestite, AKA Crossdresser:  This person focuses ONLY on the clothes. In many cases it is a sexual attraction – being dressed as the opposite sex excites them. In order to be dressed as the opposite sex, one must be viewing one’s self as a male dressing as a female, or vice versa. This differs greatly from transgender, which is…

Transgender: One who sees one’s self as one gender living in the body of another. It may also define one who sees one’s self as neither gender, or even both, but these are being newly defined as “gender queer” and “gender fluid”.

Sissy: Almost exclusively males who enjoy the clothing of a female, usually a younger female. This differs from “Little Girl” as the little girl usually sees herself as really a little girl, where the sissy just wants to be wearing those clothes and still be a boy. It generally relies upon force and humiliation. In many cases the sissy is wearing these clothes as punishment. Because of the insinuation that being dressed and/or treated like a girl is humiliating or punishments, Little Girls HATE TO BE CALLED SISSIES!!!!!! Do not call us sissies, because we are very resourceful and they’ll never find the body.  😉


About Kita Sparkles

Emotionally/spiritually I am a little girl who is six, still a bit babyish in some ways which is an attempt to stay young and not grow up. Physically I reside in the mind and body of a man over 40.
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