Sweet Story

This is a sweet story by Katherine Day called “The Pink Dress”.  It sums up a young boy’s consternation at his budding love of feminine clothing when he has always been taught that it is a sin. I felt these same types of feelings when growing up, and as a preacher I have seen boys – especially one – who I felt had these same feelings and confusion. The advice from the priest is excellent and is the same thing I would counsel if I were asked. I did befriend the boy and while we never broached the subject of his femininity,  I let him know he was okay.


The story is from 2008, so it’s been around for awhile.

Pink dresses?  Yes – I’ve had some:
camp 856a1 IMG_5746aIMG_5655a
Looking for Easter Eggs in the first one.  The second was legitimate – we were SUPPOSED to be making paper airplanes! And in the third, I am singing karaoke – “I Will Survive”.  Not as good as the time I did “Bad Romance” though. And yes – I have tights with one white and one black leg.


About Kita Sparkles

Emotionally/spiritually I am a little girl who is six, still a bit babyish in some ways which is an attempt to stay young and not grow up. Physically I reside in the mind and body of a man over 40.
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1 Response to Sweet Story

  1. georgiakevin says:

    What a sweet darling little story. My sister had a dress like that only it was navy, heels to match and dark blue nylons which i wore as often as i could especially after she left the outfit behind when she moved across country………………..i loved that dress, i love the memory of it still.

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