Twelve Days, Day 3

Now, before some crazed Lolita goes off on me, yes, I know Lolita and LG (Little Girl, or ALG Adult Little Girl) are not the same thing. But there are similarities, and no doubt that the LG world adores the fashion of the Lolita world.

Over time, the Lolita world has blossomed into many different styles – angelic pretty, gothic, country, kawaii, and so on. Today, in a completely unrelated place (right in the middle of my groan-up man Facebook newsfeed), I stumbled across a new caveat which I never encountered before.

Behold: Muslim Lolita!
CLICK HERE for Muslim Lolita!

These girls have shown that they have a fashion sense of their own, while still adhering to their religious standards!  That’s great!


I could pull this off!


Love the black and pink!


About Kita Sparkles

Emotionally/spiritually I am a little girl who is six, still a bit babyish in some ways which is an attempt to stay young and not grow up. Physically I reside in the mind and body of a man over 40.
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