My Life – How You Can Help Me

Recently, I was let go at my job.  I won’t go into the specifics because that is not safe.  Suffice it to say, this time it was not over me being LG. I was, however, asked about the specifics of that at an even more recent “discussion”, which was uncomfortable.  I’m resigned that I am an enigma anyway … not enough like the TG population to “throw in” with them (it’s not a “lifestyle” for me, not really), and not enough different to explain what the differences are to someone who is ignorant to the nuances.

At any rate, I had to move so as not to become homeless and now must find a new job, which isn’t exactly easy in my field. Until that time, I have no income.  I am living off a limited account, and having bills come in that can’t be simply pushed back.  So, if you can help, I surely would appreciate it.  And you don’t have to do it by a large amount or without getting anything back.

As many know, I am a writer, and a lot of the writing I do is AB or LG themed. I also have done quite a good many sketches … they are amateur, but cute.  I have done custom stories for folks before, so I am open for commissions, but mostly I would just like you to subscribe to my Patreon page. It’s not a lot – most stuff you can get just for a $2 subscription. It sure would be helpful for me if you’d consider it.



About Kita Sparkles

Emotionally/spiritually I am a little girl who is six, still a bit babyish in some ways which is an attempt to stay young and not grow up. Physically I reside in the mind and body of a man over 40.
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